Continue the Adventure

I put my most important stuff here on the blog, but there’s a lot of content (like the above video) from films to skits to updates that you can only see on my social media.

Be sure to check them out.  Have fun exploring!

YouTube: here you’ll find all my video blogs as well as experimental video projects and behind the scenes on my freelance writing.

Patreon: you can donate as little as a dollar to see my writing and films continue to be the best they can be and grow in excellence.

Instagram: Probably my proudest accomplishment is this little haven for me and other epic heroes where 8k+ of us connect on our love of books, sci-fi and art while trading inspiration.

Wattpad: If ya can’t get enough of my fanfiction, read them as I write them on this site that let’s me update weekly with stories about everyone from Spock, to Captain America to Merlin.

Twitter: A good place to chat if you want to shoot me a message!  I always like to keep the conversation going!

Facebook: I love being able to share my content with even more heroes on the #1 social media platform in the world.  Head on over and give me a like to stay updated.

Pinterest: I don’t care if it’s supposed to be for DIY and street fashion I like to pin anime memes and fan art of my favorite timelord. 😛