Continue the Adventure

I put my videos and books on the blog but if you’re a social media person, you can keep up with more of what I’m doing on my instagram and facebook, or read new chapters of my books on Tapas.

(I used to try to be on all of the socials, but that’s exhausting and frankly not super good for my mental health, so now I just do the few I enjoy, so I can connect to people in a positive way.)

YouTube: Here you’ll find my video journals.  Most of them are here on the blog but feel free to subscribe over there as well if you want to stay up to date.

Instagram: I love Instagram for the positive vibes and the intimacy of sharing my life with others as well whatever reading, writing, epiphanies or self-improvement is inspiring me at the moment.

Facebook: You can follow The Epic Place Facebook page to stay up to date, but fair warning, I enjoy Instagram much more.  So if you really want to connect, Instagram is the way to go.  But I’ll never abandon my Facebook friends.  I know some of you only have a Facebook account and you’re worth the extra energy.

Tapas: Read my webcomics as I write them on this chapter by chapter publishing site.  Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments.  It can be good, bad or just indifferent.  This is often where I put stuff before I officially publish so I appreciate the feedback!