Brad the Puppy

When Brad, a curious little puppy ventures beyond his safe home to explore the great outdoors, all kinds of adventures open up to him that he never imagined! – Brad the Puppy

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How My Grandpa and I Wrote This Book

When I was 13 my favorite thing in the world was writing and my second favorite thing in the world was spending time with my favorite people, one of whom was my grandpa. I remember begging my grandpa to write a book with me because I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to have fun together. I also figured that if we wrote a book together I’d get to spend time with him even when he wasn’t around cause he could email me his chapter and I could email mine and we could keep on writing!

I thought the idea genius. I’d written books with friends over email before but most of them soon got bored and stopped. On my own I’d written three very odd books about superhero aliens invading earth and fighting ninjas and I was already planning some super-spy, epic warrior, ninja-battle story my grandpa and I could write.

Unfortunately when my grandpa agreed to write a book with me he said his number one rule was that there be no superheroes. He didn’t like superhero stories or battle stories and thought it would be nicer if we wrote a story about something like a little puppy or something.

I was shocked. Not like superheroes? How could someone not like superheroes? Also how could a story about a little puppy be interesting? But because I really wanted to do this I agreed. He also said if I made an outline for it he’d definitely write it with me.

An outline? That sounded boring. I just kind of wanted to start now, but he told me that if I made an outline it would show I was serious about writing the book. I watched a lot of Star Wars behind the scenes back then so I tried to mimic the outline off the three act structure I’d heard them talk about and make the most epic puppy story outline I could.

When I explained to my grandpa what I was doing he was a little skeptical, explaining I didn’t have to make it like Star Wars for it to be good, but when I had finished I was so proud and ready to start that he said he would do it.

I was so excited when his first chapter came over email that I started writing my chapter immediately. When I sent my chapter two to him he was surprised at my vocabulary level and at first thought my dad was helping me write it. When I told him it was just me he said he was impressed and I was so proud. When his next chapter came over email I was beyond excited to write my next part.

Writing this story with my grandpa is something very special to me. It gave us something to share in my awkward early teen years, something that we were both a part of. Whenever we’d get together we’d talk and plot and plan our story, laugh over little things that Brad was doing and brainstorming what he should do next.

It gave us something to create, something to share, something to make memories. Through all of his adventures, little Brad brought me and my grandpa together and my hope is that he’ll do the same for many more grandpas, grandmas, mothers, fathers, children and grandchildren for many years to come.