Fan Art From My Books

I’ve drawn all of the characters I’ve created at some point and usually I draw them in the manga style or something close to it.  I love this medium as a way to solidify what my characters look like and also share my babies with the world.

My Current Writing Projects

I’m hoping to get these books both published before Christmas this year!  You’ll be able to find them at your local!  Thanks for keeping up with me and my books!  Stay Epic!

No I.D. What’s Going On

I’ve had such a rocky journey for such weird reasons so here’s me trying to explain it to you in as short a time as I can.  The moral to the story is never let anything stop you even if your own government says you don’t exist.

Homecooked Cosplay

In the throws of moving around and life changing and jobs changing I started a little nerdy amateur cosplay to distract me and just have fun.  Sometimes nerd culture is the best medicine when things in life are going crazy.  #StayNerdy  😛