My First Children’s Book Published!

My grandpa and I published our first children’s book! I’m so excited to share this with you! It’s my hope that this will be a book to bring families together for story time for a long time to come.

I Thought I Was Ugly

It’s actually: DysmorphiaPHOBIA otherwise known as Body Dismorphic Dissorder (BDD) I apologize for getting the terminology wrong. Please take care of, love and respect yourself no matter who you are. I’m rooting for you!

Loki is Queer!

Time to celebrate Loki’s coming out!  I’ve written an embarrassing amount of Loki fanfics so this seemed like the perfect time to share some of my teenage anxt-y fanfics of our favorite God-of-Mischief!  Strap yourselves in!  This’ll be a wild ride.

I Finished Fairytale!

It’s gonna need many more drafts but I’m proud of what I have so far! It’s a full story and it’s only gonna get better with drafts!

Friends and Family First

My wordcount may have been low this week but the love was high and I’m prepared to go into the last week of February with the passion to finish this book!