The Espresso Challenge!

I invented this tag.  I’m sure other people have done this before but I’ve never heard of it.  Feel free to tag yourself and do the challenge as well!

A Stargate Fanfic Reading

I had to write my own version of what I wanted to happen in this series that never got to be explored.  One of my all time favorite characters in all of fiction finally was paired with someone I could ship him with but then it was all destroyed…so I fixed it.

Co-Authoring A Book

It’s been an immense pleasure working with Adam on the book “There’s A Werewolf At My School.”  Having another creative voice in harmony with your own is an immeasurably important experience that I highly recommend.

If I’m Honest Editing Sucks

Don’t get me wrong it’s all worth it but the process is sooo insane it’s quite the adventure.  Doing the hard part of editing of course is what makes a story shine so it’s a necessary evil of an awesome job.

This Indie Musical Deserves Your Attention

I relate with this song from one of my favorite musicals “Be More Chill” a lot. I used to hide in the bathroom at parties picking on my skin/etc and feeling different and left out.
I apologize for the mistakes and jumps in the video but it’s VEDA so I’m gonna publish it anyway. Love you. Stay strong.  #WeAreEpicHeroes