Free Fandom Stuff

A fun thing about having an online presence is that people send you stuff.  A fun thing about being a nerd is that people send you nerdy stuff and you get to play with it! #nerdsrule

The Christian Filmmaker

No disrespect intended to Christians or indie filmmakers but I’ve been in those circles for a long long while and believe me this is accurate.  Not about all filmmakers obviously there are some really really great ones out there.  You guys rule.   Special special thanks to Zack Lawrence for being in this skit and being an overall cool guy!  It was an honor working with him.

How to Dress Like A Nerd

In case you were wondering how to match your attire to your respective nerdiness this is it.  The ultimate guide.  Just kidding of course it’s just whatever I happen to have in my closet which happens to be nerdy but feel free to take it as a guide if you’d like I would personally approve of that.

Anti-Social The New Addiction

I’ve been an antisocial hermit for forever but I started to realize at some point that although I’ll probably always be somewhat an introvert, being antisocial is not the best way to live your life.  Here’s to learning to peopling.  We, my friend, are in this together.

Making A Steampunk Movie

This was so fun to be a part of!  Here’s to more film projects in the future,  hopefully with people as beautiful and epic as this.  Here’s to indie filmmaking and artistic integrity for forever!

THINKGEEK Grand Opening Part #2

Went back when it wasn’t PACKED with my good friend and roomie Alexis Romo and published it later but I am actually in Washington as this goes up it was just too fun not to share so sorry for lack of continuity but yes first I went to Think Geek with my Mom and then Alexis and THEN did my crazy movie to WA.  Lots of fun in a short amount of time yay! 😛

Being A Small Indie Creator

I answer questions about being an indie creator online because #community and #youtubeculture  One of my favorite things about the internet is that you can find smaller creators so I think this tag is super cool.  I’m gonna link some of my favorite small creators bellow.  #supportindiecreators

Jamie Grace






Honestly there are so many more epic small YouTubers that I can’t even name them all but look up the small YouTuber tag these guys and gals are epic! And I just realized all people I tagged are girls. I’m not sexist okay that’s a coincidence. 😛