Homecooked Cosplay

In the throws of moving around and life changing and jobs changing I started a little nerdy amateur cosplay to distract me and just have fun.  Sometimes nerd culture is the best medicine when things in life are going crazy.  #StayNerdy  😛

Alone – The Fear Tag

I’m always a sucker for a tag or trend that explores humanity and human nature including the ones we’re naturally reluctant to talk about so when I saw this one I had to take part.

How to Avoid Fangirl Disease

Important Information for everyone in danger of this horrible disease that is in essence really just being a passionate human with a soul who likes things in a way that makes us happy so….it may not be that horrible after all?…

Free Fandom Stuff

A fun thing about having an online presence is that people send you stuff.  A fun thing about being a nerd is that people send you nerdy stuff and you get to play with it! #nerdsrule