Why Are All My Heroes Boys?

This is a question I’ve asked myself for ages but in the last couple years I’ve realized more than a few answers. It’s something I love about my books but also something that bothers me…

Publishing Queer Adult Poetry

This is definitely a new venture for me but I feel like I’m getting back in touch with why I love writing. It’s self expression, it’s self discovery, it’s life, it’s love, and it’s reaching out into the void to touch a soul that needs be related to and understood.

Holiday Reunion | Epic November Lookback

I’m actually really excited for the holidays this year. It’s been a month of reunion and acceptance and that’s pretty epic. I had no idea me and my family would come so far in such a short amount of time and I’m ready to be a family again.

How to Fail At NaNoWriMo Successfully

While my good friend and roomie QuinInTheClouds succeeded at NaNoWriMo and beyond I lagged behind with such excuses as back pain, OCD, anxiety and procrastination but I still count this year a success and here’s why.