Alone – The Fear Tag

I’m always a sucker for a tag or trend that explores humanity and human nature including the ones we’re naturally reluctant to talk about so when I saw this one I had to take part.

How to Avoid Fangirl Disease

Important Information for everyone in danger of this horrible disease that is in essence really just being a passionate human with a soul who likes things in a way that makes us happy so….it may not be that horrible after all?…

Free Fandom Stuff

A fun thing about having an online presence is that people send you stuff.  A fun thing about being a nerd is that people send you nerdy stuff and you get to play with it! #nerdsrule

The Christian Filmmaker

No disrespect intended to Christians or indie filmmakers but I’ve been in those circles for a long long while and believe me this is accurate.  Not about all filmmakers obviously there are some really really great ones out there.  You guys rule.   Special special thanks to Zack Lawrence for being in this skit and being an overall cool guy!  It was an honor working with him.

How to Dress Like A Nerd

In case you were wondering how to match your attire to your respective nerdiness this is it.  The ultimate guide.  Just kidding of course it’s just whatever I happen to have in my closet which happens to be nerdy but feel free to take it as a guide if you’d like I would personally approve of that.

Anti-Social The New Addiction

I’ve been an antisocial hermit for forever but I started to realize at some point that although I’ll probably always be somewhat an introvert, being antisocial is not the best way to live your life.  Here’s to learning to peopling.  We, my friend, are in this together.