Sunny Shirtless Summer

Don’t you ever just want to take it all off? Feel the summer sun on your skin? Well so do I! Better yet I do it, and I’ve been enjoying the summer without a shirt as often as I can this month, letting the sun bathe me and the waves take me on a trip.

This Is Not A Bullet Journal

How do people adult? Between mental health and eating right, medical appointments, taxes, politics, insurance, jobs, relationships and bills… Well I found one practice that works and even though I never saw myself as the bullet journal type, I can’t ignore results when I see them.

Am I Still A Nerd?

You tell me.  Do I still count?  This doesn’t take up as much of my time as it used to…but I still really liked End Game.

It’s Been A Year…

I wanted to share with you how far I’ve come since moving to Austin. It was rocky as all heck. There’s no doubt about that but I’m here to promise you. It gets better.

In Between Books

What goes on between book releases? How does limbo in life contribute to book limbo? I’m slowly learning that it’s okay that these things take time.

Learning to Say No | Epic April Lookback

It’s an ever evolving journey me learning to say that small word. This month has been filled with me choosing my future and health over fear and overachieving. Here’s to a future that aligns with health and steadiness and learning that it’s okay to step back from time to time.

Days Blur Past

Time flies when you’re dating four people and working two day jobs with writing, health and reading on the side. Who knew?