A Study In Story

A Study In Story is a ten week online writing course in video form going over the basics of story structure, plot and character.  My goal is to make learning the basics of writing fun, friendly and relatable.

  • $50
Week 1: How to Read A Novel: Story Studying
Week 2: How to Read a Movie: Story Study 2
Week 3: How to Plot a Novel: Making an Outline
Week 4: How to Create Characters: Character Study
Week 5: How to Write In Full Color: Emotive Writing
Week 6: How to Make A Story Interesting: Keeping a Reader’s Attention
Week 7: How to Cry: No tears in the Writer
Week 8: How to Combine Worlds: Building an Original Story World
Week 9: How to Preach: Incorpirating a Theme into Your Story Skillfully
Week 10: How to Be Your Charscter: Writing Realistic Characters

Email me at hope@theepicplace.com or hit the email button bellow to sign up!