Friends and Family First

My wordcount may have been low this week but the love was high and I’m prepared to go into the last week of February with the passion to finish this book!

Writing With Crippling Pain

Despite back pain and a lot of resulting cramping and eating difficulty I still managed 3,000 words and a vlog and I say that’s a victory. I may not battle evil elves like my protagonist but I sure as heck battle back pain and I’d say that still makes me a hero.

Indie Comics In Austin

You might want to consider making comics and here’s a brief video explanation of why. There may be more in comics that’s for you than you think.

Finishing Fairytale Introduction

In which I come out of an emotional funk to finish my darling.  I gave NaNoWriMo 2017 my best shot but the book still isn’t finished and it’s time to get it done!  And why not do a video blog about it, because that’s how I roll.