Help! I Still Can’t Stop Skin Picking!

Dermatillomania is a very real skin picking disorder that effects a lot of people.  If you deal with this or anything like this always remember that you’re not alone.  Love yourself, forgive yourself and let people who are helpful people help you.  #WeAreEpicHeroes

The Fault Is NOT In Our Stars

The age old question of how to reach for the stars but not be crushed when it takes longer than you want.  If this is you and your projects are taking three times as long as you want remember that that’s not that unusual.  You’re in good company.  🙂

Personing vrs Peopling

This is such a mess and a complicated thing but I know this isn’t just me.  Let me know if you relate to this.  Which do you prefer?  Personing or peopling?

Sexy Roleplay

This was such a huge part of my life that I thought it only right to share it.  It’s honestly a really cool hobby but it had a much more complicated role in my life than I thought it would.

Fairytale Characters Explained

In which I break down the inner workings of the characters of my first ever published novel and the important questions like their favorite color, food and sport and other important things.

How I Grow My Following and Writing Skills

Peruse my website if you’d like to learn more about what I do.  My writing and social media marketing services are exlained under the “writing” and “social media” tabs above.

Message me at subject line: Skype Sessions, A Study in Story, or Lights Camera, Coffee to sign up! 😀

Because I Love Disney…Okay?

I got some advice to record my singing like I’ve always wanted to so I figured how better than to give a tribute to one of my favorite Disney songs of all time.  Also can someone cast me in a musical?  Please and thank you. 😛