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The Ego Bug (A Doctor Who Fan Fic) Part 3

Rose sees Kyra’s pale, hallowed face and covers her mouth in shock. “I’m sorry…” Kyra coughs again. “No, no, no,” the doctor offers a smile, holding her limp body tightly. “No.  I’m sorry.” “Wasn’t your fault…” she scratches out. “I… Continue Reading →

Hamilton Lyrics For An Entire Day!!!

Hey epic heroes! You did it!  You got me to 200 subscribers on YouTube and here as pledged is my day speaking in ONLY lyrics from the musical Hamilton with the assistant of my lovely roommate Alexis!  Spoiler alert: she… Continue Reading →

Not to Be Elsa but “Let It Go.”

I was getting dressed for church the other day when something hit me. My hair. These days I just kinda roll out of bed and shuffle into whatever kitchen is in whatever place I’m staying (bed-head and all) and eat… Continue Reading →

The Ego Bug (A Doctor Who FanFic) Part 2

“Where’d the scream come from!” Rose yells following the doctor as he stops in a fork in the hall and looks urgently and indecisively both ways. “Hard to tell!” Rogers calls jogging up behind them. Doctor pants looking from one… Continue Reading →

Hamilton Lyrics Challange

Anyone else obsessed with Hamilton lately? ^_^  Well here I am again with another challange!  As some of you guys know I promised that when I got to 100 subscribers on YouTube I would talk in a British accent for… Continue Reading →

The Ego Bug (A Doctor Who FanFic) Part 1

Dark passageways of futuristic red and black metal, spark with the electricity from broken wires hanging haphazardly out of the broken walls.  In the eery silence of a nearly empty research facility a single voice echoes from a room. Off to… Continue Reading →


I’m so excited to finally read chapter one of my first novel aloud to you guys!  I’m still working on glitches with the cover design so it’s not out yet but be assured I’ll let you know as soon as… Continue Reading →

Lord of the Legos

Wal-Marts across America were crammed with tired shoppers, crying kids, giggling groups of women and elbowing teenage boys and girls, shoving every person that they could aside in their frantic scramble towards the video game section. It was black Friday… Continue Reading →

My Week Speaking British

As some of you know I promised everyone that when I reached 100 subscribers on YouTube I’d talk in a British accent for an entire week!  Well I got there a few months back and this was the result!  My… Continue Reading →

My Origin Story

So I thought no one read my blog but I just checked and I have several subscribers!  What?!  I love you guys.  Also I deeply apologize for not posting but if you want to keep up with me more regularly… Continue Reading →

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