Hello Epic Hero!

You like movies, TV and books.  You probably grew up wanting a mask and cape to help save Gotham City or a T.A.R.D.I.S. to save Time and Space.  You waited a long time for your letter from Hogwarts that never came.

I’m Chris Pennington and I did all of that too (except the Hogwarts part, because I grew up super home-schooled and super Christian and witch-fiction was definitely not allowed).

I write adventure novels and graphic novels and I have been since I was still waving around my light-saber in the back yard at ten.

But sometime after that, I started publishing them, and making videos talking about them, which slowly turned into a documentation of my transition from a nerdy Christian writer, to a Queer atheist witch.

As I tried every day to live by the manifesto to:  stop just writing or reading about heroes, and become one.

Video Blog

This Is Not A Bullet Journal

How do people adult? Between mental health and eating right, medical appointments, taxes, politics, insurance, jobs, relationships and bills… Well I found one practice that works and even though I never saw myself as the bullet journal type, I can’t ignore results when I see them.

My Bookshelf

A teenage boy’s happy-go-lazy world is turned on it’s head when he’s yanked into an epic fairytale and shocked to discover that his ability to predict the cliche storyline is the only thing that can save their world from destruction. –  Fairytale: the novel  Young Adult



Harry Wolfgang is an awkward bookworm with more than his share of bad luck, but when a strangely wizardesque principal tells him there’s a werewolf at his middle school, Harry and his misfit friends have to track the beast down before time runs out. – There’s A Werewolf At My School  Middle Grade

When Brad, a curious little puppy ventures beyond his safe home to explore the great outdoors, all kinds of adventures open up to him that he never imagined. –  Brad the Puppy Childrens


Number 8 lives in a world where Androids must be identical and malfunctions must be purged. When she meets an Android named Jack her whole world may change.  Android YA Manga