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My Week Speaking British

As some of you know I promised everyone that when I reached 100 subscribers on YouTube I’d talk in a British accent for an entire week!  Well I got there a few months back and this was the result!  My… Continue Reading →

My Origin Story

So I thought no one read my blog but I just checked and I have several subscribers!  What?!  I love you guys.  Also I deeply apologize for not posting but if you want to keep up with me more regularly… Continue Reading →

Writing Tips (Guest Post by Jansina of Rivershore Books)

Before I completed my first novel, I had been writing—with the dream of being published—for at least ten years. A friend once told me I was the most prolific writer he knew. I have two shelves of half-filled notebooks and… Continue Reading →

Star Trek 1 and 1/2 – The Call of the Tundar

When I was around 14 I started watching the original Star Trek original movies with my dad, my sister Grace and my brother Jacob.  I was SO inspired that I became OBSESSED instantly.  My previous obsessions had been StarWars and… Continue Reading →

Come With Me To California!

I’ve never flown, driven, or traveled alone before…..UNTIL NOW!  As you can see on my blog or my YouTube channel over the past couple of years I’ve become increasingly enamored and obsessed with making videos!  YouTube videos to be exact!… Continue Reading →

Of Cats and Space

Because…WHY NOT? There are few things in the universe cuter than seeing irresistibly adorable felines dawn space suits and boldly meow where no cat has purred before. We open with a comedic short story filled with aliens from all over… Continue Reading →

A Week in The Life of A Writer

I should probably make a section for all my videos on my blog at some point…  I also need to add all my fan art and stuff.  Anyway for now here’s a vlog about the day to day of being… Continue Reading →

Hipster and Nerd Sisters Talk About How to Stay Creatively Motivated

My sister Patience and I made a video talking about how to stay motivated in our writing and photography! Keeping a streak of inspiration going isn’t always easy or possible but we’ve each learned different things about how to motivate ourselves… Continue Reading →

Loki’s First Girlfriend

Once upon a time Loki got a girlfriend. She was dark haired and cute and popular and she was his girlfriend, the only problem was she didn’t know it yet. Loki knew it. At fifteen years of age he had… Continue Reading →

Writing When I Feel Like Trash

I’m trying to get Fairytale the novel finished this month.  Some of you know this but I’ve been working on it for 7 years and I’d really like to not make that 8. :O But finding motivation to write every… Continue Reading →

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